Pterosaur Finance – A New DeFi and NFT Platform Launching on Avalanche

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become popular topics in the crypto space. Recently, a new team of developers has launched a new platform combining the two: Pterosaur Finance. On this platform, users can purchase and stake NFTs and earn rewards through PTER tokens. This review will provide an overview of what Pterosaur […]

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become popular topics in the crypto space. Recently, a new team of developers has launched a new platform combining the two: Pterosaur Finance.

On this platform, users can purchase and stake NFTs and earn rewards through PTER tokens. This review will provide an overview of what Pterosaur Finance is, how it works, its features, and the team’s plans.

Introducing Pterosaur Finance and Its Mission

Pterosaur Finance is a cutting-edge project combining DeFi and crypto technologies to provide users with fun experiences on Web3. Its goal is to provide a safe, efficient platform that blends technology, user experience, and yield.

The platform offers a variety of features and incentives to our community members. Specifically, users can enjoy staking NFTs, exchanging them on the secondary market, and participating in community governance. Furthermore, the platform’s zero gas fee policy makes transactions economical and viable.

The team is testing a DeFi card game rewarding users based on the comprehensive ability values of their NFTs. Additionally, Pterosaur’s token value growth mechanism destroys tokens by buying NFTs to increase value.

Overview of the NFTs available on the platform

Pterosaur Finance intends to offer five distinct Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on its platform. The first NFT, Night Slater, represents a 4.3-meter-tall creature weighing 2.3 tons and can ambush prey quickly at night.

“Walking fire” comes in as the second NFT with dimensions of 4.7 meters tall and 3 tons in weight. This being is born from hot lava and will spew fire to ward off intruders. The third NFT, Sandstorm, is 5 meters tall and weighs 3.2 tons, with the ability to create sandstorms wherever it goes.

The fourth NFT, Spectre, stands at 5.5 meters tall and weighs 3.8 tons. This mysterious figure can move invisibly and is adept at assassination without leaving any traces of its works behind. 

Last but not least, Ancient Glacier stands at 8 meters tall with a weight of 5.2 tons. It can control the ice around it to defeat ancient beasts sealed away for thousands of years under thick glaciers.

These tokens aim to appeal to different users, ranging from collectors to fans looking for unique and interesting experiences. By creating these NFTs with various attributes, Pterosaur provides a platform to open up new possibilities for the blockchain world.

How to Buy and Stake NFTs on Pterosaur Finance

Users can buy and stake all the NFTs described in the section above. In order to buy NFTs, users must first use the + or – button and then click “BUY.”

In order to stake NFTs on Pterosaur Finance, it will be necessary to click on the “Stake” button. Users must approve the NFT for pledge operations, select the pledge quantity, and then pledge the NFT.

In this context, the platform will require its community to use the PTER coin, enhancing the token’s utility. Those who invest in the staking mechanism will receive passive PTER rewards.

NFT staking is a relatively new concept, but many users have already benefited from it. In such a context, the team aims to join the trend ensuring the community can benefit from this new experience.

The PTER Token – Allocation and Utility

The PTER token will have a maximum supply of 100 million tokens, allocated as follows:

  • Initial Liquidity (10%): 10 million tokens aim to ensure the initial liquidity of the token.
  • Liquidity Mining Rewards (40%): 40 million tokens will incentivize users to provide liquidity and participate in liquidity mining activities.
  • NFT Mining Rewards (25%): 25 million tokens will reward users who hold NFTs on Pterosaur.
  • Community Treasury (1%): 1 million tokens will go to the community treasury for multiple purposes.
  • Team (5%): 5 million tokens will go to the team for their contribution to developing the Pterosaur project.
  • Liquidity Provision, Market Making, and Marketing (10%): 10 million tokens will fund liquidity provision, market making, and marketing operations.
  • Game (8%): 8 million tokens will become in-game currency for Pterosaur games.
  • Airdrop (1%): the team chose to leave 1 million tokens for airdrops.

The PTER token has multiple utilities, including:

  1. Governance rights – The PTER token grants users the right to participate in governance and decision-making within the Pterosaur community.
  2. NFT Purchases – Users can purchase NFTs on Pterosaur using PTER tokens.
  3. In-game currency – Users can use PTER tokens as in-game currency for Pterosaur games. Tokens are also randomly dropped during battles.

These utilities make the PTER token an important part of the Pterosaur ecosystem. The plan will give users access to exclusive features and benefits within the platform. The maximum supply of 100 million tokens helps ensure that PTER has long-term value and utility.

The Airdrop Rounds

Pterosaur’s airdrop desires to incentivize members of friendly DeFi communities to participate in the project. In order to kickstart this process, ten separate airdrops will go to active users of Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. 

Winners of the airdrop will receive anywhere from 1,000-1,000,000 PTER tokens as a reward. The platform will randomly determine each individual’s token amount. Once an airdrop round is over, the team will notify its community transparently. 

The Team’s Future Plans

After completing the initial operations necessary to launch the project, this team has clear plans.

The team has just announced the launch of the project’s mainnet, meaning that the core blockchain protocol is now live. This launch marks a huge milestone in this project’s journey and sets the tone for what’s to come.

The team has passed a smart contract audit from SolidProof, a popular name in this field. This audit gives the community long-term confidence in the security and reliability of this project’s smart contracts.

The team plans to list popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coingecko and CoinMarketCap. Doing so will help increase the accessibility and visibility of the project for both investors and users alike.

The team also has plans to expand across additional chains and integrate with more pools. This will help increase the liquidity of the tokens. Furthermore, it will make accessing the project’s financial products (NFTs and synthetic assets) easier.

Finally, the launch of a new game will happen by Q3 of 2023. The team also has plans to release modular development components and enable derivative trading.

This is an ambitious roadmap that provides a glimpse into the future of this project. Clearly, the team is focusing on building a vibrant and complete platform, allowing users to easily access financial products.

Final Thoughts – The Latest Platform to Join the Avalanche Network

The Pterosaur project is the latest platform to join the Avalanche network, providing users with access to DeFi products. This project aims for long-term success with a strong team, secure smart contracts, and ambitious plans.

With the link between NFT technology and DeFI, the team expects to offer users a complete platform. The community can buy and sell cryptocurrency, trade derivatives, and enjoy NFT utility here.

The PTER token will be an integral part of this journey. It will serve as an important tool in governance and decision-making while providing users exclusive benefits.

Pterosaur Finance’s website and social media pages (Telegram, Twitter, and Discord) help you stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

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