Wojak Inu – A Project Entering the Market as the “Alpha of Memecoins”

The emergence of Wojak Inu into the cryptocurrency market is an ambitious project, claiming to be the “alpha of memecoins.” With a stealth launch and successful smart contract audit, this team has ambitious plans for their token economics and roadmap. Powered by pure memetic power, Wojak Inu is a new crypto-based degen hustle project. It […]

The emergence of Wojak Inu into the cryptocurrency market is an ambitious project, claiming to be the “alpha of memecoins.” With a stealth launch and successful smart contract audit, this team has ambitious plans for their token economics and roadmap.

Powered by pure memetic power, Wojak Inu is a new crypto-based degen hustle project. It seeks to bring its users an entirely new level of entertainment and inspiration.

Let’s look at this project to find out how this team is entering the competitive memecoin market.

Inside Wojak Inu

Wojak Inu is the latest addition to the world of memecoins. It has many features, such as LP locked & burned contracts, renounced contracts, and more.

Following $PEPE’s success, Wojak Inu offers a total $PEPE vibes experience with irreverent marketing campaigns. The team has also submitted their application to CoinMarketCap and Coingecko to better serve the community.

Wojak Inu’s mission is for its users to gain access to decentralized finance tools and maximize memes’ power. It is available exclusively on Uniswap, where users can swap ETH for Wojak Inu tokens. With 150 Hodlers so early, the community has already seen a great response from its supporters.

The team behind Wojak Inu wants to provide an enjoyable experience while ensuring their users are safe and secure. The team is always sharing with its community the latest news and updates. With their commitment to upholding the highest standards in memecoins, Wojaku intends to impact the crypto space.

The Choice of a Stealth Launch to Enter the Market

There are many ways to launch a crypto project, and a stealth launch is one that has become increasingly popular. In a stealth launch, the project goes live without any pre-announcement or promotion. This means that the crypto project relies on organic growth through word of mouth and community support.

The Wojak Inu team chose a stealth launch for a few reasons. First, market manipulation, incorrect valuations, and early investors benefitting off later entrants are always a concern with any enterprise. A stealth launch eliminates this risk by letting the community discover and decide on the value of the project organically. 

Second, it allows the team to focus on delivering a great product without dealing with external pressures or expectations. And finally, it allows the project to start on its own merits and prove itself in the market.

Any crypto project’s success depends on its community’s response and value. A stealth launch can create an environment to realize this potential without costly marketing and advertising campaigns.

The Importance of Having a Successful Smart Contract Audit

SolidProof is a popular German firm that provides independent security analysis, code reviews, and technical due diligence for smart contracts. SolidProof performed detailed evaluations of the Wojak Inu smart contract to ensure its accuracy and reliability for investors.

The audit process has enabled Wojak Inu to remain compliant with industry standards, providing investors with an extra security layer.

The auditing process helps ensure the smart contract code is error-free and secure from malicious attacks or unauthorized access attempts. After a comprehensive audit, investors can be confident that Wojak Inu’s smart contract is secure.

Overall, the smart contract audit was necessary to bring Wojak Inu to its full potential as an investment opportunity. The audit has provided investors with the assurance of safety and security that they need when investing in new projects.

How Does the Team’s Token Economics Work?

Having a balanced and well-thought-out tokenomics scheme is essential for any crypto project. A good tokenomics structure can help ensure that the project stays afloat in the long run.

Wojak Inu has taken the same approach with their token economics model, similar to $PEPE’s successful meme-based cryptocurrency model. Specifically, here are the details you need to know about this project’s design:

  • No taxes: the team eliminated all taxes from the project, providing complete freedom for the users.
  • The team sent 92.8% of the tokens to the liquidity pool
  • The project burned all LP tokens
  • The contract is renounced, meaning that no one can ever modify it.
  • The remaining 7.2% of the supply is in a multi-sig wallet allowing for future centralized exchange listings, bridges, and liquidity pools. This wallet is easily trackable with the ENS name “wojakinucexwallet.eth”.

By following these ideas, Wojak Inu has established a balanced tokenomics strategy to facilitate its long-term success.

A Look at the Team’s Planned Milestones

Having a clear and detailed roadmap is essential for any crypto project. It allows the team to share its vision with the community, build trust and provide transparency in its development process. Furthermore, it gives investors an idea of what to expect from the project.

This section will look at Wojak Inu’s roadmap and explore its three phases: Phase 1 — Meme; Phase 2 — Vibe and HODL; and Phase 3 — Generational wealth. The team has carefully crafted each phase to meet its goals while also providing value to users and investors.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of Wojak Inu’s roadmap involves launching the token and appearing on popular crypto platforms like CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap. The goal is to grow the user base by achieving 1000+ holders of the token.

The team will use memetic power to drive awareness around $WOJAKINU by getting it trending on Twitter. This will help establish a strong user base and increase the visibility of Wojak Inu as a legitimate crypto token.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of Wojak Inu’s roadmap focuses on furthering community involvement and increasing access to its token. This includes creating a digital newsletter and forming a token-gated Discord group called the Wojak Inu Palace.

Furthermore, the team will look to increase the presence of Wojak Inu tokens on centralized exchanges (CEXs). The founders’ goal is to have 10,000+ holders by the end of this phase.

Phase 3

Phase 3 of Wojak Inu’s roadmap focuses on increasing engagement, adoption, and awareness. This phase includes launching merchandise, where a revenue percentage will let the team buy and burn Wojak Inu tokens. 

The team will also launch Wojak Inu Academy, on which the founders will share more information in the future. The same goes for Wojak Inu Tools, which will also be part of this phase.

Last but not least, the project aims at T1 exchange listings and reaching 100k+ holders. This milestone would make Wojak Inu even more attractive to the public.

Final Thoughts – An Emergent and Ambitious Memecoin Project

The Wojakinu team has created an ambitious and innovative memecoin project with its wide set of features. With no taxes and various memecoin-related features, this project has a clear target audience.

$WOJAKINU is only at the beginning of its road. The team plans to create generational wealth for its holders, with the final phase including Wojak-inspired NFTs and merchandise, farming, staking, revenue-generating models through a Flywheel tokenomics model, and T1 Exchange listing.

Anyone wishing to join the Wojak Inu community can do so by visiting its website. The project’s Twitter and Telegram channels are also ideal spots for users to spot the latest news and updates.

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