Hot Potatoes
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While the cryptocurrency world is preoccupied with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, another form of virtual currency has been quietly gaining popularity. Fascinating application cases for nonfungible tokens (NFTs), like Hot Potatoes, are constantly emerging. In turn, they are even being hailed as the future of various industries of the world, like the art industry, gaming industry, and even the real estate property market in certain circumstances!
In this review, we will look at the latest NFT collection/game in town: Hot Potatoes. Read on to find out how it works, the benefits associated with hot potatoes, and how to buy them. Without further ado, let us look at everything you need to know about Hot Potatoes by Barrier breaker Pte Ltd.
What are Hot Potatoes?
Hot Potatoes is an innovative NFT project that combines the collectability and value of NFT collectibles with the enjoyment, functionality, and competitive edge of a high-stakes Play to Win game. The limited-edition NFT collection consists of 52,560 one-of-a-kind crazy potatoes which have encountered humanity and acquired their strangest characteristics while evading the nasty Irish farmers who want to cook and devour them.
Every Hot Potato NFT has a one-of-a-kind ticket to the PotatoVerse, a behind-closed-doors gamespace where each Hot Potato owner can participate in social activities and weekly micro-games. As a result, this enhances their opportunities of escaping the Irish farmers and remaining free through the entire round.
Every time the evil farmers cook a HP in the PotatoVerse, the game adds 0. X ETH to the Hot Cauldron of Joy in the Heart of the Potatoes’ Paradise, which adds to the final prize available to the winners. However, every now and then, a cooked HP has the chance to respawn and become free again, thanks to the power coming from Potatoes Paradise.
However, the evil Irish farmers are much faster and can capture and cook HPs quicker than the rate at which they can respawn. In turn, only a few HPs tend to be free at a time as the Hot Cauldron of Joy continues to grow in value. As a general rule of thumb, only one in every 1000 Hot Potatoes remains free at the end of each round, emerging as winners of massive final prizes beginning from ETH 12 per winner.
The PotatoVerse will not stop at one game round. Instead, it will keep running and distributing prizes, with each round ending when the free HP count is low enough or when the majority of free HPs vote to terminate the round as it runs. In turn, this results in the distribution of the Hot Cauldron’s of Joy contents up to that point among themselves.
Hot Potatoes NFTs is a long-term venture that will open up new creative possibilities leveraging on the potential of blockchain and Web 3.0 applications. The roadmap below shows what each milestone entails. There are future developments in this project that are still in the preliminary stages and others that will be decided upon by the community.
Pre-registration will be available on the webpage until two weeks before the public sale date, or until the total number of pre-registered users equals the maximum number of HP offered to the public.
If there are too many pre-registered users or too many Hot Potatoes in demand to be mined at the pre-sale, first-come, first-served selection criteria will be used. Pre-registered customers will be added to a whitelist that will allow them to participate in a closed-doors early sale event one week before the public sale. Note that each pre-registered user is limited to purchasing a maximum of 5 Hot Potatoes.
It is also worth noting that 20% (10,512) of the total Hot Potatoes are available before the pre-sale and owned by the creators. However, the creators cannot access the PotatoVerse with them nor those they will acquire from the secondary market in the future. On the other hand, those who buy them from creators on OpenSea can use them and access the PotatoVerse.
Public sale
This is the primary public sale event. Here, anyone can mine one or more HP from the webpage until all of the available HPs is minted, according to a first-come, first-served attribution system. 70% (36.792) of HPs will be available during the pre-sale and public sale events, making up the public pool. Each HP is mined at an initial price of ETH 0.05 and is available to the general public.
Special releases
There are several HPs that will be withheld from public sale and pre-sale for future special release events. These could be in the form of additional HP injections, airdrops, or for any other reason that the developers deem fit. From the original sale, 10% (5,256) are set aside for special release or airdrop. These tokens are available in the Interplanetary Space at first and are later minted for certain scopes.
How to mint Hot Potatoes NFTs
A user must connect his or her Metamask wallet to our website via the provided button on the homepage to mine an HP during public sales or pre-sales. After completing this process, the user can mine a random HP for ETH 0.05, which will show in his wallet.
HP can be traded on OpenSea by linking a meta mask wallet to an OpenSea account or sending HP to another wallet linked to an OpenSea account. OpenSea is HP's official secondary marketplace. The platform supports the collection of royalties from every sale, which ultimately adds to the final prize pool available for each PotatoVerse round.
Take note that every HP traded on OpenSea can join the PotatoVerse. Those traded on other marketplaces must be sold again and bought on OpenSea to be eligible to join PotatoVerse.
Although it is still in its early stages of development, Hot Potatoes NFTs is a promising and cutting-edge project that provides a sea of opportunities when it comes to blockchain technology. The game’s mechanics are uniquely designed to allow sustainability, enabling players to make money from their gaming time without being hindered by a declining reward curve.
In addition, the community-driven game continuously prioritizes the player's experiences by creating a more enjoyable, engaging, and distinctive environment, all while giving them actual ownership of their assets.

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